3 Mannequin Mistakes Retailers Make that Repel Customers!

Here's what you're missing:
-Inspire shoppers by storytelling with your mannequins.
-Properly dress and style your mannequins
-Maintain mannequins for max ROI

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    Badeeha Jubeh

    Visual Merchandising Expert

    Who am I?

    After working in retail for over 15 years now, I've held several different roles... from Sales Associate, Store Manager, In Home Design Manager, Visual Coordinator,... and the list goes on! You can guess I've experienced it all when it comes to the challenges of working in retail so I understand your struggle. I'm here to provide support and visual training that's simplified for you and your teams so you can make the best visual decisions that not only make your store look great but actually help you sell more merchandise!

    What will you learn?

    How to create compelling displays by storytelling with your mannequins! Plus, tips for maintaining your displays so they continue to convert for you and your sales team! It's time to simplify retail training and you can start with your displays!